Visit the New Czech Museum


It is no secret the flood last 2008 did some heavy damage to the National Czech Museum. It is a good thing a lot of people contributed to giving new life to the museum and it is now much improved. It has a nice store where you can buy memorabilia of the items that are on display at the museum. If you visited the museum in the past and were not able to buy a souvenir then you can always go back and buy one. It would be great to buy something to remember the MetArt Network museum by so you would be able to show it to your children and grandchildren in case they won’t have any time to visit the museum. It also has an extensive research library for students who want to spend hours there just reading and even doing their assignments. It would be a good idea to do that there as the theater and other features of the museum are just a few steps away.

Of course, don’t forget to observe silence as a lot of people are there to do something really serious so if you are there to just have some fun then better go somewhere else unless you want your name to be blacklisted.